According to tourism experts, 2017 is predicted to be a year of travel as over a third of Americans will be more likely to take time off and plan their next vacation.

Nearly 40% of Americans are planning their trips to warm weather locations locally and abroad. Despite the 8% increase in flight cost, the prices are still 9% less than what it was two years ago.

So, where are the next travel hot spots for the new year? Check out these top travel trends predicted for 2017.

Havana, Cuba

With the new freedom to fly to Cuba for the first time in fifty years, more tourists are looking to visit the nation and explore the once banned island. Havana has also increased their accessibility which puts Cuba at the top of the list.


Due to the sudden drops in flights to Europe, Iceland is still a tourist favorite as the island nation grabbed a 77% increase in searches for destinations. The free stopover offers a fresh new perspective on the beauty of Iceland where you will feel as if you discovered a whole new planet.


As the northern neighbor of America, Canada is continuing to rise in travel trends for 2017 as experts say more travelers are looking to find more destinations where the dollar count is high and gives you more for your money.


Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle where you can take advantage from the budget-friendly flight and explore a destination that is safe and breathtaking all the same. You can explore century-old churches, architecture, castles and stunning waterfront. Dine at the best fish and shops the country has to offer.


The land down under is booming with tourists as new flight routes and strong dollar counts provide better options for travel.

With all these great destinations to check out, which ones are you planning to visit? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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