Have you noticed the hottest items that are sold out everywhere, no matter where you turn? Instead of waiting at the mall to make your purchase, social platforms like Snapchat are also offer unusual items like the Snap Spectacles.

Customers are lining up just to buy the spectacles at vending machines in unusual places like the Rose Bowl, Bug Sur, and the Grand Canyon. With the hottest trend in limited releases, shopping experiences seem to be getting a bit more interesting in 2017.

Here are the top 5 shopping trends that will change in 2017.

Experiences in Shopping

Remember walking to a store and getting excited to hear a DJ spinning as you shop? Today, brands are looking for invasive ways for customers to shop like vending machines in odd locations. This simple marketing gave shoppers adventure to find a pair of specs before being sold out.

Better connections

Malls and major stores are moving up from buying from faceless brands as now more companies are using unique methods to build a personal relationship with their buyers. Celebrities like Drake are now bringing in their personas to shops and events to give fans a direct way to meet their favorite personalities.

Flash Sale

While flash sales are a long tradition in retail, the internet is looking to spice up the shopping experience by putting a time limit on price and products for launches. These limited time products are being sold out everywhere due to its exclusivity.

Social Shopping

With today’s modern technology, now we can buy any product on your device with a simple swipe of the thumb. Social Media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Houzz, and Instagram are breaking the browser with in-app purchasing where you can pay through systems like Apple Pay.


Within the past few years, shoppers have spent more of their time shopping online than they did in physical retail stores. What makes direct-to-consumer revolution interesting is that more companies are skipping the middleman and selling their products directly to consumers online.

What trends have you already engaged in this year? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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