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News Direct Online is committed to independent journalism as we accept advertisers and sponsored content. Our advertisements allow News Direct Online to expand our coverage of news from all over the globe.


Founded in 2014, News Direct Online has become a fast growing general news site that targets visitors from all over the world looking for updates on the latest news. Within just a short period of three years, we have built authority in bringing you headline information.

News Direct Online offers attractive advertisement options to help brands grow their business and reach a global audience.

Advertising Positions

News Direct Online features a variety of positions in advertising, including:

Comments – Advertisements will run along the comment section that is sized at 400 x 180 pixels.
Sidebar – Advertisements without our sidebar are sized at 260 x 125 pixels.
Search Result – Advertisements will run along the search results are sized at 500 x 200 pixels with details.


All rules must apply to all ads that are controlled by third parties.

  • Advertisements must take responsibility for content displayed on their advertisements.
  • Advertising must comply with applicable laws, guidelines, and regulations against news that is misleading or false.
  • The ad does not reflect the views of News Direct Online as we reserve the right to reject and remove any misleading and inaccurate ads.

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