If we look back at all the significant advances in energy, it looks like 2017 has the potential to increase its impact and change how we use energy today.

Here are Three Energy Trends to Expect in 2017.

Increase in Pipelines

In support of the federal level of gas and oil pipelines, the Obama Administration encouraged to oppose the projects like the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline and the Keystone XL. However, Trump has made it clear to show strong support for these pipeline projects.

His competing priorities and legal battles will come at every turn. Nevertheless, the pipeline projects are expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Recovery of the Oil Market

The recovery in oil prices is more likely to continue as the oil production cuts are held to increase oil prices and minimize the risk of return. However, the U.S. oil rig continues to grow as it holds a high of 60% and will be expected rise even further.

Cheap Natural Gas

The price for natural gas currently ranges from $3.13 per MMBtu as the strong growth in demand is coming from new pyrotechnical projects, exports to Mexico, and liquefied natural gas export. The demand has kept its pace while keeping prices low.

We expect2017 to be a year full of change as the upward pressure on oil prices will continue to grow. What do you think about these energy trends listed above? Comment below and let us know.

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